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CTIC 2008

CTIC 2008: 1st Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context

Due: May 4, 2008
When: June 16-17, 2008
Where: Poitiers, France
Accept: May 21, 2008
Register: May 30, 2008
Topic: topology
Plenary: Isabelle Bloch (ENST, Paris), Francis Sergeraert (UJF, Grenoble), Pedro Real (Sevilla, Spain)
PC: Dominique Attali (Gipsa-lab, Grenoble, France), Gilles Bertrand (A2SI, Noisy-Le-Grand, France), Luc Brun (GreyC, Caen, France), Eric Colin de Verdière (GéCoaL, ENS, Paris, France), Michel Couprie (A2SI, Noisy-Le-Grand, France), Reinhard Klette (Comp. Sci. Auckland, New Zealand), T. Yung Kong (Queens College, New-York city), Walter G. Kropatsch (Prip, Vienne, Autriche), Jacques-Olivier Lachaud (LAMA, Chambery, France), Francis Lazarus (LIS, Grenoble, France), Bernard Lacolle (LJK, Grenoble, France), Grégoire Malandain (ASCLEPIOS, Sophia, France), Rémy Malgouyres (LAIC, Clermont-Ferrand, France), Cyrille Ospel (MIA, La Rochelle, France), Nicolas Passat (LSIIT, Strasbourg, France), Samuel Peltier (IFP, Paris, France), Pol Vanheacke (LMA, Poitiers, France), Guy Wallet (MIA, La Rochelle, France)