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INOC 2007

INOC 2007: International Network Optimization Conference

Due: November 15, 2006; May 31, 2007 (full version for special issue)
When: April 22-25, 2007
Where: Spa, Belgium
Accept: January 15, 2007
Final: February 15, 2007
Register: January 31, 2007 (early)
Topic: optimization
Plenary: Mikkel Thorup, Gilles Savard, Adam L. Letchford, Éric Gourdin
OC: B. Fortz, H. Umit, Q. Botton, M. Labbé
Fee: EUR 750 (full, single room), EUR 700 (full, double room), EUR 700 (student, single room), EUR 650 (student, Double Room), EUR 600 (student, 3-person apartment), EUR 550 (accompanying person)
PC: B. Fortz (chair), E. Amaldi, W. Ben-Ameur, G. Dahl, R. Eglese, M. Gendreau, L. Gouveia, H. Kerivin, A. Koster, M. Labbé, J. M. Leung, A. Ouorou, P. Pesneau, M. Pinar, S. Raghavan, M. Resende, J. J. Salazar-Gonzalez, M. G. Scutella, D. Shier, S. van Hoesel, S. Voss