[These pages were authored by the late Thoki Yenn, and were restored here from the Internet Archive by Erik Demaine, with contributions of missing files from various readers (notably Tommy Stevens, Roberto Morassi, and Boaz Shuval). If you spot any other bugs like missing images or pages, please report them.]


Stand in the Corner-of-the-Desk-Drawer BOX

This easy box has been put here, so that people can try to print it out, it is in the format of the American letter size, 8.5 inches X 11 inches. The Box is folded from a Silver Rectangle. Go to the Geometry Cloud if you want to know how to change to Silver Rectangle, either from a square or from Am Letter, or in fact from any rectangle.any rectangle.

If you want to have the diagram standing alone on a page 700 pixels wide for filling out the paper better when printed? CLICK HERE.

updated 19, September 1999

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