[These pages were authored by the late Thoki Yenn, and were restored here from the Internet Archive by Erik Demaine, with contributions of missing files from various readers (notably Tommy Stevens, Roberto Morassi, and Boaz Shuval). If you spot any other bugs like missing images or pages, please report them.]


Thoki Yenn had difficulties with this model. It was easy to get the net on to an A-format, but how to close it, or find a lock for it, kept eluding him for a long time. He was so eager to find a solution that he did not see the obvious. He had to be half asleep in that special state of mind, where I can help. I start him folding mental paper and show him what to do. This was during a visit to Elsje van der Ploeg in Holland, where these two puppets had been folding nearly all day. So when Thok realized that there was a lock to be found, I woke him up and let him fold it in real paper. It took 2 years before he got around to making this Diagram,
updated 28. Mar. 1999
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