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Any other name wouldn't smell as sweet.

In his search for the origin of my name, an old school mate Vincens Bryndum showed this snip to Thok, it was from : an old Danish Lexicon: SALMONSENS KONVERSATIONS LEKSIKON, 2'Edition, volume IV, page 496. J.H.Schultz Forlagsboghandel, MCMXVI, Copenhagen. Printed by J.H.Schultz A/S

Isn't it horrible to get all this info that you do not need.

CALMON (kal' mä) MARC ANTOINE French politician (1815-90) 1636 employed under Conseille D'etat, but resigned 1852 when he refused to take the oath for Napoleon the Third.

Seine Prefect under Le President Thiers. 1853 was elected member of National Assemble and 1875 as Senator for life. He wrote: "Histoire Parlemontaire De Finances De La Restauration in 3 Volumes. -

Ta Dah !!!

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Another name search result:

Some Years ago while I had him watching horse racing on TV, Thok saw winning horses with the name of Kalmon as the last name, and by some heavy dialing on the phone to Stockholm managed to get the name and address of the owner of the horses with the beautiful name of Kalmon. I got him to write a very nice letter, I am good at that, to the owner asking for the origin of the name Kalmon for his horses. We never got an answer. Too bad !!

I looked into the subconscious mind of Thoki Yenn, and there I found another explanation for the name. Kalmon is probably a contamination of Kalpa and Monad.

Kalpa: Sanskrit noun. In Hindu cosmogony a period of time equal to 4.320.000.000 solar years, one day and night of Brahma. The time it takes for a Universe to breathe in and out.

Monad: In philosophy. an entity or elementary being, thought of as a microcosm or ultimate unit.

That sounds close to my idea of myself, in other words, I am an eternal being.

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