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Thw Warter Recorder

      This weird tale is a memory of something I thought or imagined in the period 
       in Stroud (1958-59) when I was struggling with all the pictures that erupted 
       up from my subconscious. 
            I had pictures in my mind of a meeting of 3 persons around a circular table, 
       persons whom I at that time must have considered as the most advanced and 
       intelligent persons in the world. 
            One was Jean Cocteau, the other was Einstein, and the third was myself, 
       apparently carrying a high military rank, something like a Commander in the 
       ancient Roman Army. 
            In front of us on the table was a contraption formed like a Tetrahedron, 
       the four corners, the size of Ping Pong balls and connected with white tubes
       looking like cigarettes. One after the other we removed a tube and breathed 
       through it and put it back. 
           The Thing was filled with pure distilled H2O and with the men sitting 
       around it was capable of telling  what the water had experienced. 
           The Philosophy behind this is that water does not disappear, it changes it state, 
       it evaporates and condenses again, it freezes and melts again, it moves
       around on the planet and at different times it has been part of all existence
       and creatures, and as all water is one, then water carries knowledge of everything 
       that has ever happened, so that every molecule of water carries the same truith
       and carries the same information. It is available for all water molecules.     
           The three men drink a glass of water and breath through the white tubes inside 
       of which there are filters which absorbs the moisture  in the air they breath out.  
       After a time they place the tubes back between the balls at the corners of the 
       Tetrahedron. These balls contains something which I do not know what is, but is has 
       the capability to extract pictures of memories and record them in the electronic 
       magnetic pattern surrounding the water molecules, and replay these pictures 
       so that the three men can see these pictures as a 3 dimensional hologram played 
       in the space within the Tetrahedron. 
            All three of us wanted to know what really happened in Palestine at the time 
       of Jesus? What had really happened at his Crucifixion and the Resurrection, 
       we wanted to know the truth?   
            What we saw made it clear to us, that what we had been told was not the whole 
       truth, and also that Jesus had not told the whole truth to his disciples, so we 
       decided to publish a report with the title: “J’accuse”.  
             We were convinced that we had amble cause to accuse Jesus 
       for not having told the whole truth to us. 

          The above story is a reconstruction and a possible distortion 
       of what I thought and imagined in the state of mind that I was in, 
       at that time in Stroud in 1958. 
                                                                                                                      I. Malone 
        Appendix 13
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