[These pages were authored by the late Thoki Yenn, and were restored here from the Internet Archive by Erik Demaine, with contributions of missing files from various readers (notably Tommy Stevens, Roberto Morassi, and Boaz Shuval). If you spot any other bugs like missing images or pages, please report them.]

Flexicube 1

FLEX-I-CUBE designed by Philip Noble

Diagram and description by Thoki Yenn

When you have worked your Flexicube to pieces try this

There are more ticker models at the website of Gerard and Paaula in Holland.

PDF format: Sebastian Kirsch of Germany has sent me a better quality PDF version of the flexicube.

Thank you very much Sebastian for the valuable info on PDF Files.

Also Thanks to Gerard Blais for holding the fort while waiting,

“They also serve , who only stand and wait.” Milton.

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 Updated 13. February 2001

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