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Kalmon is my name

I am the Great and Glorious Kalmon
But the old geezer would enjoy to hear from you - e-mail to: thok@thok.dk
updated 16. August 2000

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You will have to wait until I have handled all the clouds correctly and fully. But for now I could tell the story about how I got this name of mine.

Many years ago Thok was visiting a friend and and he had been making drawings of me for some time without giving me a name, but the little daughter in the house, about 3 or 4 years old, came up to me and said: "Make another Kalmon !" - Everybody was surprised. How and where did she get that name ?

Thok has never been able to find out where my name came from, and for that matter where I come from.

That's it !

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