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Report by Kalmon from Asilomar

Unofficial report from ASILOMAR
Personal impression from the Travel to,   
stay at, and travel back home from  
The 3rd International Meeting  
of Origami Science, Math, and Education  
written by  
the Master of Mixed Metaphors and misplaced Quotations.   
The Great and Glorious Kalmon,  
 PR man for THOKI YENN  
 “One can almost see him, gray-haired and serene 
 in the inviolable shelter of his book-lined, faded,  
and comfortable study.”     
(Joseph Konrad, _Lord Jim_)  

      I love to steal quotations. - On the way the old Geezer excelled 
in his ability to put his foot in his mouth, he might have caught this  
“foot in mouth” disease on his way through Europe, already in Paris  
he nearly missed the connection to Newark Airport, because of no  
Escort in spite of the promise. A fellow passenger, who the old Geezer 
had converted to Origami by folding a DNA-4 molecule on the way 
from Paris to Newark, talked to the airport security because the 
promised Escort was not there, and at once there was a man with 
a wheelchair pushing him neatly along the corridors. 
     He saw a man having his shoes shined, then he wanted a shoeshine, 
he looked at his own shoes and saw that it was badly needed, he bought 
these shoes in the earlier millennium and there were still spots from 
meals in 1997 on them. Sitting high and mighty on the chair he was asked 
to look after the luggage by the friendly passenger, and he remarked: 
“No, I won't, it might explode in half an hour!”  Five people turned around 
and looked at him in horror and the shoeshine-man stopped his brushes 
and said: “You don’t say that kind of things in an Airport, you might get 
arrested.” The old Geezer grinned and said that in Denmark he could 
joke about anything.  Oh, but not in America !  
    I wish I could remember all the silly things he did and all the times 
he stumbled around with his foot in his mouth, By the way the Gate in 
Noah's New Ark was hidden in the basement and we had to get out 
through the backdoor, the lady “manning” the Check in Counter fell in 
Love with me, when the old Geezer made a drawing of me, and she changed 
his boarding card to a nice seat in Business Class. Tah Dah.  
    When we finally arrived at San José Airport, two lovely girls were waiting 
for us, it was Mette Pederson of Mette Units Fame and her friend Cynthia 
Fullbright, and both were fully up to being bright and helpful. They had rented
a car and there was plenty of time for the old Thok to tell his morbid tale of 
his preparing for all eventualities, with cremation and ashes blowing in the 
wind over the pacific, if he should buckle under.  
       At the Hotel in Jan José, next morning at breakfast Mette taught us how 
to unwrap a drinking straw in the most elegant manner by tearing off a bit of 
the paper and blowing into the straw and sending the cover sailing 
smartly through the restaurant. 


    Driving past the Crematorium and the Aquarium finally arriving at the 
Asilomarium, which turned out to be a beautifully organized Refugium. 
It was still the day before the start of the 3OSMEUM, so my 2 guardian 
angels suggested that we take a look see, at the sea otters and although 
I was *otterly* exhausted I enjoyed to be wheeled around in this marvelous 
place, where a lot of research was going on. It sounded so good that all 
this research was going on for the protection of the animal life, that I got 
the suspicion that it is really to find out how better to exploit the nature 
for the benefit of  the humanoids. 
    The old Geezer had another attach of “foot in mouth” and called his 
2 angels for his pushers so loudly that people around us turned and looked 
at this monster loudmouth in a wheelchair, and it turned out that before 
the day was over he created another upset, by sleeping so heavily that 
Mette couldn’t wake him by knocking on his door when it was time to go 
and eat. The old fool had scared the girls about his morbid talk about his  
condition so they thought he was ready for the crematorium. Big upset, 
the Security could not get in, because the old fool had used the deadlock, 
as recommended in most hotels, they must have knocked real hard a long 
time, both on door and window. Because when he finally woke up, there 
was a man trying to break in through the window and another one 
crawling over the banister from the neighboring balcony and when the 
old Geezer finally opened the door there was another man with all kind 
of keys and Mette and Cynthia looking relieved. No Cremation this time. 
    We didn’t get to Hollywood, but we had arrived at Asilomar, but what
a show we experienced, they were all there, all the stars and the comets 
and the “illuninati” Origami enthusiast from all over this little mud ball 
off a planet that is ours for the time being, I even spotted a Raccoon 
outside the window, representative from the Raccoon Republic it seems. 
    What a line up of lectures, just reading the titles made my head swim, 
and the old Geezer was thoroughly flummoxed by these incomprehensible 
lectures about Origami moved out of the paper and into mathematical 
universes where plodding palookas like the old Geezer  is left behind.  
OK, the lectures  was of a very high quality, in fact the quality was so 
high I could not follow and fold my otherwise excellent understanding 
around the meaning of it. 
       I was very pleased to meet Tomoko Fuse again and I went to her 
presentation of the folded deep pot, again surprised at her ability 
to use the papers ability to hold on to itself when the folds are arranged 
in the proper way, and Tomoko San knows about paper and what it can 
do and what it cannot do. 
       It is interesting what make people laugh, in the question time 
Professor Miura asked how much beer this Pot could hold, and the 
audience laughed, I wonder if they had laughed if he had asked what is 
the cubic volume of this pot ? 
       So I learned something about what makes people laugh, and I know 
that Thok is very interested in that, he is always working at finding twist 
and turns in the language to make people laugh, it is a bad habit from 
his magician days, where the aim was to misdirect the attention, which 
of course have no place in Origami. But it’s important in PR.
       All the lectures that we attended, which was not very many compared 
with the total amount of lectures available, were very nicely organized, 
every thing worked like clockwork, exact time started and ended and 
smooth, smooth, as silk. 
       The lecture I found the most interesting was by Frances Winters 
with the thought provoking title: "Is what you see what you think it is?"  
Thok had a long conversation with her before her lecture and was very 
surprised that she knew the term Kalpa and used it in her lecture. 
She had actually folded about ten different models looking exactly the 
same, a high pyramid like the one on the $ bill, but folded from the 
birdbase creases arranged in different ways on the square, bewildering, 
but understandable when we were shown the actually folded models. 
The solutions show relationships with Chladni figures, she said. 
      That made me wonder whether it was possible to create the birdbase 
crease pattern by means of the Chladni method. This could lead into 
Cymatics  and get you  lost in the universe of Lissajous curves. 

       Another outbreak of his “Foot in Mouth” disease occurred when 
Thoki was talking to Miyuki Kawamura. He thought she was a boy at 
about 14 years old, and talked to “him” as the older stupid  uncle,
after the interesting Lecture she held about Origami with Trigonometric 
Functions, he only became aware of his stupidity, when he was discussing 
the constructing of the 3rd root of 2 with him/her, so he had to take his
foot out of his mouth again.
        It is impossible to construct 3rd root of 2 using a compass and straight 
edge, but it can be solved using origami. Here was something he could 
understand, and he was bragging about his use of it in his reversed solution 
to the Delian Problem, that is instead of constructing a cube with double 
the volume he folded a cube with half the volume as a given cube, and 
folding a very close approximation to the 3rd root of 2, and then he folded 
the other half volume in the shape of a trihedral wall.  
      When it came to be his turn to mount the scaffold he was so nervous 
that he should hang himself by his loose tongue. And I am not sure that he 
didn’t. At least he never got around to say what he really wanted to get 
across, so he drowned his opinions in Clowning. Too bad. 
     He was very nicely introduced by Florence Temko, who is an old 
friend of his, believe it or not, several people that he had met at earlier 
Conventions actually came forward and talked to him afterwards.
     In the evenings he was happily showing off again and again folding 
his NAI GAI BAKO, fiercely defending his small supply of  colored 
A4 paper, with another crowd of old friends. Judy Hall and Martin van 
Gelder and some delightful new friends  Deborah Foreman-Takano, 
Doris Asano, Ian Harrison and Naoaki Nakashima plus 2 other nice 
young girls whose names I did not get, I hope they will write to me 
if they read this.  
      He managed to introduce the company  to the little stunt with the 
horizontally dropped cork that jumps up and stands on end. 
It was a big hit. Luckily the old Geezer had brought a dozen or more 
as give away corks. 
       The Chapel closed and he moved into the reception area, and looking 
around to find victims that he could force to fold his favorite box
the Fujimoto Hexagonal wonder, he lured Elsa Chen, Doris Asano and 
Kay Eng into folding along with him. He really loves to be surrounded 
by pleasant female company, he had them fetching his meals for him 
and calling the Jitneys when ever he wanted to be transported. 
       When he finally found his own door, he couldn't get in, he was locked out, 
the Front Desk apparently hoped that he had left, Luckily lovely Kay Eng 
heard his painful cry of despair, and called Security, who opened the door 
and let him in, so he could sink into the arms of Morpheus. 

     The planning of my return trip was a beautiful and elegant work of art 
by Mette Units, neatly composed with all the little unforeseeable 
inactitudes that creates the interesting variations in the overall pattern. 
    First Doris Asano sold me to Angelo Baldo, who brought me directly to my 
Best Western Hotel, after a little via to the airport to deliver another lovely 
lady whose name I unfortunately do not remember, Angelo Baldo helped us
at the reception, where the old man was totally lost at the question about 
the credit card and we had to call Mette to handle the reception.
Mette had supplied us with all possible phone numbers and addresses 
if whatever could or would go wrong. Murphy's Law !!!
     The Check in at the San José Airport was nice and smooth and when I 
asked for confirmation of the wheelchair that Mette had ordered, 
the nice young man gave me a “delivery note” with 2 carbons which 
according to orders were handed to the senior Flight Assistant, 
who at the arrival at Newark New York parked me in 1 Class until my 
Wheelchair arrived.      
      On the way Thok had folded a DNA-4 molecule to one of the 
Stewardesses, who had asked so kindly where “this sweet old man” 
were going and where he was coming from, she brought 2 sheets of
Continental Airline Letter paper, and to my surprise they had the 
Silver Rectangle format, but were slightly smaller than A-4, 
but they were so hard and dry that they broke and split when I folded 
the hexagonal Fujimoto box with lid, this is the first time this has 
happened to me. The adventures you come up against when you go 
to foreign lands ? 
     Wheelchairs galore in Newark, but too few to handle them, 
the poor man who got me had to handle two chairs and he hurried 
us into waiting position while he rushed off to pick up another 
lot pointed at other gates, a colleague picked us up and brought 
us to the door out to where the Bus to the proper Check In for Paris. 
While waiting there a choleric elderly person was 
very upset about being left there, and shouted abuse in Spanish 
at the poor young man who had to run shrugging his shoulders, 
he had others to fetch. The quarrelsome person was so scared 
to be left there, that he crawled out of his Wheelchair and 
wobbled to the nearest Check In and started to shout at the 
innocent people there, until a security man brought him back 
to his wheelchair, while his little gray mouse of a wife, red in her 
face, was watching the performance. 
      Finally in the last second before the Bus went of, we were 
helped on board and full speed off to the Air France Terminal C. 
The driver called the Check In on the phone and asked them 
to hold the Plane until these two wheelchair riders for Paris 
could be there. The other person was a Lady going to Sweden,
we both enjoyed to be pushed right up to the door into the Plane, 
where all the other passengers already were belted up to take off. 
        The 8 hour trip to Paris across the Atlantic went nice and quiet, 
good food. The old fool was reading Harry Potter and the 
Sorcerers Stone,  good book he thinks, he is looking forward to 
read the rest of the series. 
      Wheelchairs  again in París - Tah Dah - OK - 

      The trip to Copenhagen was easy and pleasant.  Wheelchairs in 
Kastrup Airport right out to the Taxi and home to our Cave 
with its Augean clutter. Ta Dah.  456 Emails waiting.
Miles to go before I sleep. Ta DAH. 
Greetings from The Great and Glorious Pesky Kalmon of the North 
                               FINITiUM ALSOLUTIUM 
updated 15. April 2001