QR Series (2014–2015)

by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

QR codes transform text into a machine-readable pattern for scanning. In fact they use an error-correcting code, and can handle up to a 30% error. We have used a QR code to encode the message “FOLDING ERROR”, and then folded it along concentric circles to make a curved crease sculpture. In a sense we have destroyed the QR code by introducing “folding errors”, but if you destroy the sculpture, the QR code would become readable again.


[0471] “Folding Error I” (2014), elephant hide paper, 6" × 9" × 9" high:

[0472] “Folding Error II” (2014), elephant hide paper, 8" × 11" × 11" high:

[H0301] “Folding Error in Glass” (2014), elephant hide paper and hand-blown glass, 6" × 6" × 10" high:

Original Sheet of Paper

Here is the unfolded sheet of paper, which scans to “FOLDING ERROR” even with the large hole in the center (though it can take a few tries):

Other Curved Crease Sculpture by Demaine & Demaine

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