Curved-Crease Sculpture

by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

When folded along curved creases, paper shapes itself into a natural equilibrium form. These equilibria are poorly understood, especially for curved creases. We are exploring what shapes are possible in this genre of self-folding origami, with applications to deployable structures, manufacturing, and self-assembly. This transformation of flat paper into swirling surfaces creates sculpture that feels alive.

Brush With Words (2024)

Braille Series (2023)

IMO Series (2023)

Hanging Out (2023)

Beethoven Series (2021)

Precious Metal Series (2021)

Albers Series (2019)

ShakespeaRED Series (2019)

Folger Shakespeare Library

200 Circles (2018)

Dalhousie University

Pyro Series (2017-)

Cane Series (2017-)

Sunflower Series (2017-2018)

Calligraphy Series (2015)

Frog Series (2015)

Knotty Object (2015)

Nutrition Series (2015)

Something from Nothing from Nothing Series (2014–2015)

Affinity Gallery, 2014

QR Series (2014–2015)

Waterfall Series (2014)

Black Mountain College Museum

Selenographia Series (2014)

McClellan Series (2014)

Duncan McClellan Gallery, 2014

Origami Wedge Skeletons (2013)

Affinity Gallery, 2013

Holderness Series (2013)

Holderness Gallery, 2013

Destructors (2013)

Art of the Book, 2013

Kentucky Series (2013)

The Art Museum, 2013

MoMath Opening Centerpieces (2012)

National Museum of Mathematics, 2012

Jaffe Series (2012)

Jaffe Center for Book Arts, 2012

Simons Series (2012)

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Art Gallery, 2012

Curved Crease Sculpture (2012)

Guided By Invoices, 2012

Fuller Craft Series (2012)

Fuller Craft Museum, 2012

Renwick Series (2011)

Smithsonian American Art Museum permanent collection
Renwick Gallery exhibit in 2012

“The Circle” series (2011)

Central Booking, 2011

Waves in Glass (2010)

Sarah Silberman Art Gallery, 2011

Pushing Curves to the Limit (2009)

Peel Gallery, 2009–2010

Waves (2009)

Art Cézar, 2009

Computational Origami (2008)

MoMA permanent collection
MoMA exhibits in 2008 & 2008–2009 & 2012–2013

History of Curved Origami Sculpture

There is a surprisingly old history to curved origami sculpture, going back to the 1920s at the Bauhaus. Read our partial history focusing on the earliest known references.

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