“The Circle” series (2011)

by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

This series of three pieces is part of the exhibit “Measure for Measure” at Central Booking in Brooklyn, New York, February 2011–April 2011, together with our Yes/No poster with Sarah Stengle.


[0151] Circling the Square

[0152] Bending the Circle

[0153] Circling the Circle

About the Pieces

Each piece is a combination of between one and four units, where each unit is hand-folded from one circle or square of paper with a circular hole and hand-scored concentric circular creases. The pieces are combined by joining a few key points together; the rest of the shape is formed from the natural equilibrium of the paper.

Material: Elephant hide paper.
Dimensions: 8" × 8" × 8" tall • 8" × 8" × 10" tall • 10" × 10" × 10" tall.

For More Information

Check out our other curved-crease sculpture, as well as our history of curved-crease sculpture.

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