ShakespeaRED Series (2019)

by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

What do the words "sacred", "redeem", "credit", "redoubled", and "undishonoured" have in common? They all contain the color "red" in them, and furthermore are in the collected works of Shakespeare. Red is the only color contained within thousands of English words (over 3,000 in the Scrabble dictionary of over 275,000 words). In his entire works, Shakespeare used an impressive 25,538 unique English words, of which 235 words contain "red". We printed these 235 words in concentric circles on paper, in the order they first appear in Shakespeare's works. Then we fold between the circles of text to form curved crease sculpture.

We chose a font called Hamlet designed by Edward Johnston for an award-winning art-book edition of Hamlet published by Cranach Press in 1930. It was declared by Buchkunststiftung der Deutschen Bücherei (Leipzig) as "the most beautiful book of the year".


[0621] “FeatheRED” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper, 9" × 10" × 14" high:

[0622] “FavouREDly” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper, 7" × 8" × 10" high:

[0623] “REDoubled” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper, 9" × 10" × 9" high:

[H0411] “ObscuRED” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper and hand-blown glass, 7" × 7" × 13" high:

[H0412] “DistempeRED” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper and hand-blown glass, 6" × 6" × 14" high:

[H0413] “EncounteRED” (2019), Mi-Teintes paper and hand-blown glass, 8" × 8" × 12" high:

Original Sheet of Paper

Here is the unfolded piece of paper:

Other Curved Crease Sculpture by Demaine & Demaine

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