Orthogonal Fold & Cut Font

by Joshua Ani, Josh Brunner, Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, Dylan Hendrickson, Victor Luo, and Rachana Madhukara, 2022


This typeface illustrates how to make each letter of the alphabet by taking a square piece of paper, making a set of orthogonal folds (all perpendicular or parallel to each other), and cutting along one complete straight line. It is inspired by the Fold-and-Cut Theorem, in particular our paper about orthogonal fold & cut. See also our simple fold & cut font, and nonsimple fold & cut fonts by Takaya Iwamoto and McGill's Wow Lab.

There are two font variations for you to play with. • In the default “Solved font”, you see the full crease pattern and resulting cut lines which reveal the letter. In the “Puzzle font”, all but one of the cut lines is hidden; the letter is revealed by folding and cutting along the extension of that green segment.

If you'd like to see animations of the folding process, try the "Simulate in Origami Simulator" button. (This currently works best with just a single letter, and with letters that have no holes.)

Here are printable PDFs for all the letters:Red lines are mountain folds; blue lines are valley folds; and green lines are cuts.

Check out other mathematical and puzzle fonts. • Feedback or not working? Email Erik. • Source code on GitHub.