Boston Subway Google Map: History

For the record, this page records a changelog of features and data in Erik Demaine's Boston Subway Google Map, in reverse chronological order.

2010/09/06  —  Add commuter rail. Add checkboxes for clarity.
2010/09/04  —  Update to link correctly into new MBTA website; updates to Silver Line and a few station names.
2006/07/25  —  Add toggle buttons for all lines.
2006/07/25  —  Debug to work on Internet Explorer and Safari in addition to Firefox.
2006/07/24  —  Upgrade to Google Maps API 2. Add address search.
2006/07/24  —  Fix Green Line D and Red Line station and track coordinates, thanks to James C. Reilly.
2006/03/06  —  Add automatic convertion to GPX.
2005/10/12  —  Add mission Charles/MGH station, thanks to Sanghamitra Sen.
2005/10/03  —  Follow some train tracks.
2005/09/22  —  Initial version.