Erik Demaine Media Appearances


The Origami Revolution still featuring Tomohiro Tachi NOVA's The Origami Revolution [IMDB]

This NOVA documentary covers some of the latest in origami science and art. [Order the DVD]

Directed by Sarah Holt, based on the French and German film “The Origami Code” by François-Xavier Vives. Thanks to both directors for making this film!

Between The Folds poster art Between The Folds [IMDB]

This documentary about origami science and art may be available as a stream or as a NetFlix stream/DVD. [Order the DVD]

Thanks to director Vanessa Gould for making this film!

frame from The Man Who Saved Geometry The Man Who Saved Geometry [IMDB]

This documentary about Donald Coxeter is available for free streaming to Canadians at TVO. Alternatively, see a short preview.

Thanks to Siobhan Roberts for writing this film!

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