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Lars Arge, Michael A. Bender, Erik D. Demaine, Bryan E. Holland-Minkley, and J. Ian Munro, “An Optimal Cache-Oblivious Priority Queue and its Application to Graph Algorithms”, SIAM Journal on Computing, volume 36, number 6, March 2007, pages 1672–1695.

We develop an optimal cache-oblivious priority queue data structure, supporting insertion, deletion, and delete-min operations in O((1/B) logM/B (N/B)) amortized memory transfers, where M and B are the memory and block transfer sizes of any two consecutive levels of a multilevel memory hierarchy. In a cache-oblivious data structure, M and B are not used in the description of the structure. Our structure is as efficient as several previously developed external-memory (cache-aware) priority queue data structures, which all rely crucially on knowledge about M and B. Priority queues are a critical component in many of the best known external memory graph algorithms, and using our cache-oblivious priority queue we develop several cache-oblivious graph algorithms.

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