Paper by Erik D. Demaine

Erik D. Demaine, “A Threads-Only MPI Implementation for the Development of Parallel Programs”, in Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems (HPCS'97), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, July 10–12, 1997, pages 153–163.

In this paper, we present a threads-only implementation of MPI, called TOMPI, that allows efficient development of parallel programs on a workstation. The communication and context-switching overhead is reduced significantly compared to existing MPI implementations, by the use of threads and shared memory in place of UNIX processes and often sockets. Results demonstrate the scalability of TOMPI in comparison to two MPICH devices. We provide a C/C++ preprocessor to modify the semantics of global variables to appear as if each thread has its own address space. This makes TOMPI a true MPI implementation, that is, MPI programs can be run in TOMPI without modification.

The paper is 11 pages and the talk is 20 minutes.

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