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Klara Mundilova, Erik D. Demaine, Robert J. Lang, and Tomohiro Tachi, “Analysis of Huffman's Hexagonal Column with Cusps”, in Origami8: Proceedings of the 8th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (OSME 2024), Melbourne, Australia, July 16–18, 2024, to appear.

We analyze the mathematical existence of one of David Huffman's most prominent curved-crease designs: the Hexagonal Column with Cusps, featuring circular, parabolic, and straight creases. Observations of the physical folded shape suggest that the concave regions between two parabolas form a cylinder, and the regions between the circle and the nearest intersection of the parabolas form a cone. In our analysis, we deduce the remaining rulings that result in a numerically closed hexagonal shape. Finally, we explore other variations of the shape, including those that incorporate only circular creases.

The paper is 16 pages.

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