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Erik D. Demaine and Martin L. Demaine, “Juggling and Card Shuffling Meet Mathematical Fonts”, in Connections in Discrete Mathematics: A Celebration of the Work of Ron Graham, edited by Steve Butler, Joshua Cooper, and Glenn Hurlbert, 2018, pages 297–304, Cambridge University Press.

We explore two of Ron Graham's passions—juggling patterns and perfect card shuffling—through one of our passions, mathematical fonts. First, for each letter of the English alphabet, we design a one-person three-ball juggling pattern where the balls trace out the letter (possibly rotated 90°). Second, using a deck of 26 cards labeled A through Z, we show how to perform a sequence of in/out perfect riffle shuffles to display any desired sequence of letters (forming a word, phrase, etc.), using algorithms already developed by Diaconis and Graham. Along the way, we pose some new open problems about perfect shuffling.

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