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Vincent Bian, Erik D. Demaine, and Rachana Madhukara, “Edge-Unfolding Prismatoids: Tall or Rectangular Base”, in Proceedings of the 33rd Canadian Conference in Computational Geometry (CCCG 2021), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 10–12, 2021, to appear.

We show how to edge-unfold a new class of convex polyhedra, specifically a new class of prismatoids (the convex hull of two parallel convex polygons, called the top and base), by constructing a nonoverlapping “petal unfolding” in two new cases: (1) when the top and base are sufficiently far from each other; and (2) when the base is a rectangle and all other faces are nonobtuse triangles. The latter result extends a previous result by O'Rourke that the petal unfolding of a prismatoid avoids overlap when the base is a triangle (possibly obtuse) and all other faces are nonobtuse triangles. We also illustrate the difficulty of extending this result to a general quadrilateral base by giving a counterexample to our technique.

This paper is also available as arXiv:2106.14262.

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