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Joshua Ani, Sualeh Asif, Erik D. Demaine, Yevhenii Diomidov, Dylan Hendrickson, Jayson Lynch, Sarah Scheffler, and Adam Suhl, “PSPACE-completeness of Pulling Blocks to Reach a Goal”, Journal of Information Processing, volume 28, 2020, pages 929–941.

We prove PSPACE-completeness of all but one problem in a large space of pulling-block problems where the goal is for the agent to reach a target destination. The problems are parameterized by whether pulling is optional, the number of blocks which can be pulled simultaneously, whether there are fixed blocks or thin walls, and whether there is gravity. We show NP-hardness for the remaining problem, Pull?-1FG (optional pulling, strength 1, fixed blocks, with gravity).

This paper is available as arXiv:2006.04337 and from J-STAGE.

Figure 15 is missing a vertical wall in the bottom center, separating the chambers to the left and right.

The paper is 14 pages.

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