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Jonathan L. Bredin, Erik D. Demaine, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, and Daniela Rus, “Deploying Sensor Networks with Guaranteed Fault Tolerance”, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, volume 18, number 1, February 2010, pages 216–228.

We consider the problem of deploying or repairing a sensor network to guarantee a specified level of multi-path connectivity (k-connectivity) between all nodes. Such a guarantee simultaneously provides fault tolerance against node failures and high overall network capacity (by the max-flow min-cut theorem). We design and analyze the first algorithms that place an almost-minimum number of additional sensors to augment an existing network into a k-connected network, for any desired parameter k. Our algorithms have provable guarantees on the quality of the solution. Specifically, we prove that the number of additional sensors is within a constant factor of the absolute minimum, for any fixed k. We have implemented greedy and distributed versions of this algorithm, and demonstrate in simulation that they produce high-quality placements for the additional sensors.

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