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Oswin Aichholzer, David Bremner, Erik D. Demaine, Ferran Hurtado, Evangelos Kranakis, Hannes Krasser, Suneeta Ramaswami, Saurabh Sethia, and Jorge Urrutia, “Playing with Triangulations”, in Revised Papers from the Japan Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry (JCDCG 2002), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 2866, Tokyo, Japan, December 6–9, 2002, pages 22–37.

We analyze several perfect-information combinatorial games played on planar triangulations. We introduce three broad categories of such games: constructing, transforming, and marking triangulations. In various situations, we develop polynomial-time algorithms to determine who wins a given game under optimal play, and to find a winning strategy. Along the way, we show connections to existing combinatorial games such as Kayles.

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