by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

These limited-edition prints explore the concept of communicating words through folded shape, often juxtaposed with inked words. The prints show a complicated crease pattern, generated by a computational origami algorithm, that folds into the 3D shape of letters and other graphics. By itself, the crease pattern is a mysterious puzzle, but folding resolves it to recognizable a pattern. This exploration began with our Yes/No print (2011) in a collaboration with Sarah Stengle. See our more detailed description of that collaboration.

Yes/No (2011)

Central Booking, 2011

Science/Art (2011)

Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2012

Korean Yes/No (2016)

Guided By Invoices (2012)

Guided By Invoices, 2012

Martin Gardner (2012)

!AHA!, 2012

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