Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine's Puzzles:

CSAIL Annual Meeting 2013 Puzzle

In what has become a regular event, Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine give out puzzles each year at our lab's Annual Meeting. Here is the 2013 edition.

This puzzle is based on a folding puzzle by the Tobiuo group, analyzed by Tobiuo-Orange.

Two-page PDF (print duplex, flipping on long edge)

Front side:

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF]
Back side:

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF]


Fold this 4 × 4 puzzle, only along the grid lines, down to one of the six 2 × 2 images. Can you solve all six different puzzles?

Printing Notes

This puzzle requires printing images on both sides with fairly close alignment. This can require some fiddling with your printer or photocopier.

The puzzle was designed for color printing, but it will work fine on a black-and-white printer.

The PDF file is the best combination of printing quality and small file size. You will need a suitable viewer. Alternatively, you can print one of the images. If you can print images scaled to fit, use 150dpi. Otherwise, use 72dpi.

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