Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine's Puzzles:

LCS Annual Meeting 2002 Puzzle

In what has become a regular event, Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine give out puzzles each year at our lab's Annual Meeting in July. Here is the 2002 edition.

This puzzle comes in three variations, with three different MIT logos.

These designs are based on a puzzle designed by Mineyuji Uyematsu, 2001.


[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF] [PostScript]

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF] [PostScript]

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF] [PostScript]


Your goal is to fold the 4×4 puzzle into a 2×2 packet so that both sides show 4 logos all aligned the same way. In other words, all logos must be "upright" (not rotated with respect to each other) and 4 logos must show on both sides. You can fold anywhere you want. No cutting is allowed.

Both sides should look like this:

Printing Notes

Some versions of this puzzle were designed for color printing, but should come out OK on a black-and-white printer as well.

The PDF file is the best combination of printing quality and small file size. The PostScript file also has ideal printing quality, but the file is larger. In either case, you need a suitable viewer. Alternatively, you can print one of the images. If you can print images scaled to fit, use 150dpi. Otherwise, use 72dpi.


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