Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine's Puzzles:

PCOC 2005 Puzzles

In 2005, the PCOC (Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference) had a call for puzzles for a special book, PCOC Play, published by OrigamiUSA. We submitted two pages describing a pair of puzzles. Here they are.

Puzzle 1:
Black and White Squares

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF] [PostScript]

Puzzle 2:
Colored Squares

[72dpi] [150dpi] [PDF] [PostScript]


These puzzles are intended to be made by hand from white paper. Each page describes how to make the puzzle, by creasing a grid pattern and coloring some of the squares in certain ways.

The "Black and White Squares" puzzle is relatively easy, designed for young folders and as a warm up for the "Colored Squares" puzzle. The latter puzzle actually consists of four subpuzzles, with varying difficulty.

Printing Notes

The PDF files are the best combination of printing quality and small file size. The PostScript files also have ideal printing quality, but the files are larger. In either case, you need a suitable viewer. Alternatively, you can print one of the images. If you can print images scaled to fit, use 150dpi. Otherwise, use 72dpi.

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