f90doc is an easy-to-learn documentation tool for Fortran 90 written by Erik Demaine. Basically, it generates pages of HTML documentation from Fortran 90 source. The documentation is derived from comments prefixed with !! written (if desired) in a simple and intuitive documentation language whose source is easily readable in the code itself, while formatting nicely in HTML. f90doc is similar to javadoc, but does not require comments to be written in HTML.


A list of main features for the latest version: A couple of limitations: only free-form input files are supported, and only objects in modules are documented.

Related work

There are three related projects for different languages:


For more details on f90doc, including how to use it, see the documentation page.

For a quick start, you can look at the Fortran 90 code and resulting HTML documentation for a simple example.


f90doc is free, distributed according to MIT license (as of version 0.4.0). Also, if you make changes to f90doc that you think would be useful to the rest of the world, I'd appreciate it if you send them to me for consideration.

RPM packages have been prepared by Mark Ashdown.

Please send any comments, suggestions, criticism, or (perish the thought) bug reports to edemaine@mit.edu. Also, send me e-mail if you want to be informed of future updates.

Translation into Armenian, Finnish, Serbo-Croatian, Ukranian.

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