Paper by Erik D. Demaine

Hugo A. Akitaya, Brad Ballinger, Erik D. Demaine, Thomas C. Hull, and Christiane Schmidt, “Folding Points to a Point and Lines to a Line”, in Proceedings of the 33rd Canadian Conference in Computational Geometry (CCCG 2021), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 10–12, 2021, to appear.

We introduce basic, but heretofore generally unexplored, problems in computational origami that are similar in style to classic problems from discrete and computational geometry.

We consider the problems of folding each corner of a polygon P to a point p and folding each edge of a polygon P onto a line segment ℓ that connects two boundary points of P and compute the number of edges of the polygon containing p or ℓ limited by crease lines and boundary edges.

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