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Erik D. Demaine and Kritkorn Karntikoon, “Unfolding Orthotubes with a Dual Hamiltonian Path”, in Abstracts from the 23rd Thailand-Japan Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graphs, and Games (TJCDCGGG 2021), September 3–5, 2021, pages 24–25.

An orthotube consists of orthogonal boxes (e.g., unit cubes) glued face-to-face to form a path. In 1998, Biedl et al. showed that every orthotube has a grid unfolding: cutting along edges of the boxes so that the surface unfolds into a connected planar shape without overlap. We give a new algorithmic grid unfolding of orthotubes with the additional property that the rectangular faces are attached in a single path — a Hamiltonian path on the rectangular faces of the orthotube surface.

The full paper is available as arXiv:2201.12452.

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