Paper by Erik D. Demaine

Erik D. Demaine, David Eppstein, Jeff Erickson, George W. Hart, and Joseph O'Rourke, “Vertex-Unfoldings of Simplicial Manifolds”, Technical Report 072, Smith College, October 2001.

We present an algorithm to unfold any triangulated 2-manifold (in particular, any simplicial polyhedron) into a non-overlapping, connected planar layout in linear time. The manifold is cut only along its edges. The resulting layout is connected, but it may have a disconnected interior; the triangles are connected at vertices, but not necessarily joined along edges. We extend our algorithm to establish a similar result for simplicial manifolds of arbitrary dimension.

This paper is also available as arXiv:cs.CG/0110054 of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR).

The paper is 12 pages.

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