Software by Erik Demaine

Most software listed below is free (to use, download, and modify). See also my GitHub profile which includes these and a lot of smaller projects.

screenshot of Cocreate software Cocreate

Shared whiteboard tool for drawing, teaching, and brainstorming.

screenshot of Coauthor software Coauthor

Tool for group collaboration, discussion, keeping track of notes/results of meetings, etc. Its primary goal is to ease multiauthor collaboration on unsolved problems in theoretical computer science, so e.g. you'll find LaTeX math support; hopefully it will have applications in other fields too.

screenshot of Virtual Glass software Virtual Glass

Lets glass blowers design and visualize glass cane, and to get a sense of what that cane will look like on a blown piece, all on your computer (without lifting a pipe!). The goal is to allow the exploration of cane designs, especially new cane designs, and settle on a nice-looking design before going through the effort of making it.

Mathematical Demonstrations

screenshot of origami maze app Mathematical and Puzzle Fonts

screenshot of interlocked polygons app Interlocked Polygons

Illustration of how to interlock polygons that fall apart exactly when a specified Boolean formula is satisfied, as described in a CCCG 2010 paper.


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