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My station data is available in the following formats (see below for license):

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This page is written by Erik Demaine. You are free to use it for any purpose (see below for conditions on the maps themselves). Out of historical interest, you can view a changelog of features and data.

If you notice a mistake, e.g., the location of a station is even a bit off, please let me know. I'd like to make the station coordinates as accurate as possible. All subway and commuter-rail stations should be listed; let me know if I missed one. To a lesser extent, it would be nice for the polylines to be accurate; if you know some coordinates between two stations, let me know.

In the more distant future, it would be nice to add bus routes and/or water stations as a toggle option. (Off by default, because it would be rather cluttered.) If you'd like to speed this process, please send coordinates!

The station data is accumulated manually from MBTA, manually geolocated using Map Builder and/or and/or iTouchMap, compiled into a YAML file, and then converted by a Python script into JavaScript data, as well as converted by another script into a GPX file. I drew the T icons using Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks to Sanghamitra Sen and James C. Reilly for correcting errors and spotting omissions. Thanks also to Brain Leonard for suggesting and helping with GPX; see his take on GPX. Thanks to Jonathan Eunice for spotting broken links and encouraging the commuter rail addition.


Maps are provided by Google Maps using the Google Maps API. Use of the map data, images, and code is subject to Google Local's terms and conditions.

This webpage, the station data, and the T icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Creative Commons License
The software on this page, including the embedded JavaScript, the JavaScript converter, and the GPX converter, are licensed under the MIT license.

The icons used for address matches were authored by Brennan Stehling and are offered for free use.