Mathematical and Puzzle Fonts/Typefaces

Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, and others

Below are several mathematical fonts which are inspired by mathematical theorems or open problems. The first four are also puzzle fonts: in one form, reading them is itself a mathematical puzzle.

All fonts are available to play with as web applications which run entirely in your (modern) browser, including iOS and Android.

For more information, read our paper “Fun with Fonts: Algorithmic Typography”.

[Voronoi Font written in Voronoi font]

[Fold N Punch Font written in fold & punch font]

[Fold N Cut Font written in simple fold & cut font]

[Tangle font written in 56-Tangle font]

[Juggling font, trajectory and still-of-animation form]

[Card shuffling font, without intermediate permutations]

[Glass cane font, solved and puzzle form]

[Linkage font, puzzle form]

[Linkage font, solved form]

[Glass squishing font, unsquished form]

[Glass squishing font, squished form]

[Origami maze font, crease-pattern form

[Origami maze font, 2D form

[3x5 origami font]

[Conveyer belt font, puzzle form]

[Conveyer belt font, solved form]

[Hinged dissection font]

If you have any feedback on the web applications, email Erik.

Last updated May 15, 2017 by Erik Demaine.