Erik Demaine

Professor  •  Computer Scientist  •  Mathematician  •  Artist  •  MIT  •  EECS  •  CSAIL  •  TOC  •  Algorithms
Upcoming Events:   Exhibitions, Film Showings, Talks

frame from lecture video


Above: 6.849: Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra, which has freely available video lectures.

Five book covers

Papers & Books

Above: Books Geometric Folding Algorithms, Games, Puzzles, & Computation, Tribute to a Mathemagician, and A Lifetime of Puzzles.

Curved-crease sculpture

Curved-Crease Sculpture

Above: Close-up of “Destructors IV” by Erik and Martin Demaine, folding printed text along curved creases.

Curved-crease sculpture

Curved-Crease Sculpture

Above: A large “Curved Crease Sculpture” by Erik and Martin Demaine, on display at Guided By Invoices in Chelsea, New York.

Three curved-crease sculptures

Curved-Crease Sculpture

Above: “Computational Origami” by Erik and Martin Demaine, part of the Museum of Modern Art permanent collection.

frame of Lino Tagliapetra blowing glass

Film & Video

Above: “Lino Tagliapietra: Glass Magician”, a 13-minute film co-directed by Erik and Martin Demaine. Now streaming free in the USA!

the word 'font' written in three mathematical fonts

Mathematical Fonts/Typefaces

Above: “FONT” written in our linkage font, glass squishing font, and conveyer belt font.

image of Yes/No print


Above: “Yes/No” (2011), an inked crease pattern that folds simultaneously into a 3D “YES” and a 2D “NO”.

Between The Folds poster art

Media Appearances

Above: Between The Folds, one of two documentaries Erik appears in.

Paper-folding puzzle


Above: CSAIL Semi-Annual Meeting Spring 2010 Puzzle, a folding puzzle you can print and try.

Screen shot of Virtual Glass software


Above: Virtual Glass enables computer-aided design of blown glass, specifically glass cane.

Crease pattern to make a butterfly

Fold & Cut

Above: Butterfly made by folding and one complete straight cut.

Excerpt from CV

Curriculum Vitæ

Last updated June 9, 2024.

See also artist CV, last updated on April 25, 2024.

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[Erik Demaine with sculpture in 2015]
[photo by Martin Demaine]
[Erik Demaine in 2007]
[photo by Donna Coveney]
[Erik Demaine teaching on Halloween, 2007]
[photo by Martin Demaine]
[Erik Demaine blowing glass in Otaru, Japan, 2007]
[photo by Stefan Langerman]
Name: Erik D. Demaine
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